Financial Terms “C”

Here is a glossary of financial terms C. These financial terms begin with the letter C, including cash flow statement, compound annual growth rate, and cryptocurrency.


See compound annual growth rate.

Cash flow statement

The cash flow statement is one of the three basic financial statements. The format is cash receipts minus cash payments. The cash flow statement shows the net cash increase or decrease for the period. Also called the statement of cash flows.

Cash basis accounting

In cash basis accounting, revenue is recognized when cash is received from customers. Expenses are recognized when cash is paid. Cash basis net income is cash revenues minus cash expenses.

The benefit of cash basis is that it is simpler and easier to understand. The cash basis is only appropriate for small businesses. In the United States, C corporations cannot use the cash basis and must use the accrual basis.

Cash ratio

The cash ratio is one of the liquidity ratios. It measures the amount of cash for each dollar of current liabilities. Assets and liabilities are shown on a company’s balance sheet. The formula is:

Cash Ratio Formula
Cash Ratio Formula

Caveat emptor

Caveat emptor is a Latin phrase that means “let the buyer beware.” It is used as a warning and a disclaimer for potential buyers.

Command key

The Command ⌘ key is a modifier key on Mac keyboards. The function of the Command ⌘ key is to enable time-saving keyboard shortcuts on macOS. If a Windows keyboard is used with a Mac, the Windows key functions as the Mac Command ⌘ key.

The Command key started as the Apple Logo Key in 1980. The Command ⌘ symbol replaced the Apple logo in 1984. It is located at the left and the right of the space bar at the bottom of the Mac keyboard.

Command ⌘ Key
Command ⌘ Key

Compound annual growth rate

Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is the return required to grow an investment’s beginning value to its future value over a given number of years. CAGR is the measure of an investment’s growth over time. CAGR includes compound interest and is thus superior to average annual returns.

Compound interest

Compound interest accrues on both the principal and the accumulated interest. It can be thought of as interest on interest. Because of this exponential growth, compound interest grows faster than simple interest. Compound interest is the key concept in Time Value of Money calculations.


Cryptocurrency, or crypto, is a digital currency that is secured by cryptography. Transactions are verified on a public decentralized blockchain by all members. This solves the problems of counterfeiting and double spending.

Notable cryptocurrencies include bitcoin, ethereum, and tether.

Current ratio

See Current Ratio – Definition and Formula

Custodial account

A custodial account is typically an account held by a parent for the benefit of a minor child. The account becomes the child’s when the child reaches the age of majority. This is usually at 18 years old.

A custodial account for minors may be either a UGMA or a UTMA.

A custodial account is any account held by a trustee for the benefit of a beneficiary.

See Financial Terms Dictionary

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