The Ultimate Guide to Learn Managerial Accounting

managerial accounting

This is a guide for students learning managerial accounting. This guide includes all the chapters in a managerial accounting class. This is also helpful for entrepreneurs who want to have a better understanding of their business.

The Ultimate Guide to Learn Intermediate Accounting

intermediate accounting

This is a study guide for Intermediate Accounting. It includes all the chapters and material for the full year of Intermediate Accounting. This includes Intermediate Accounting I and Intermediate Accounting II.

50 Best John Wooden Quotes on Leadership

john wooden quotes

John Wooden, the legendary basketball coach for the UCLA Bruins, was a teacher of life and basketball. These quotes on leadership will improve your life. Wooden, who was nicknamed the “Wizard of Westwood“, won more college basketball championships than any other coach.

Always Take Notes

always take notes

Learning to take notes is an important life skill. This helps you academically and professionally. Taking notes requires active listening and critical thinking. Improving your ability to take notes improves your thinking.

The Easy and the Hard

easy and the hard

We all have a choice between the easy and the hard. We want it easy, but hard is the way. I cherish this simple, profound message.

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