Very Impressive Person

Note from Jeff: I received this poem on a card from Coach Don Meyer. I don’t know the author. It is worth reading and thinking about what is really important.

He greets everyone with a smile and a hearty handshake;
and makes you feel he means it when he says he’s glad to meet you.
And he makes you glad to meet him.

He walks with a sprightly step and speaks with a laugh in his voice.
He listens with interest and speaks with conviction,
and makes you feel you’ve know him all your life.

He doesn’t seem to try to impress, yet he is most impressive.
He never tries pressing to persuade, yet you always come away convinced.
He’s the kind of guy we enjoy being around because he is what we all secretly would like to be –
Someone who enjoys being himself.

I have decided to let my life be my argument.

Albert Schweitzer

Jeff Mankin

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