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My goal is to help you learn finance skills and Excel so you can improve your financial life.

  • Have you ever struggled with understanding your financial statements?
  • Do you want to be able to understand financial issues in your business and life?
  • Have you wanted to level up your Excel skills?
  • Do you want to learn more financial topics?

You are in the right place

Hi, my name is Dr. Jeff Mankin and I have taught students financial skills and Excel for many years.

I believe that anyone can learn financial skills and Excel. You can use these skills to improve your business and personal life.

I hear from business owners all the time:

  • “how do I read my company’s financial statements?”
  • “how do I calculate a payment on a loan?”
  • “I need to be better at using Excel!”
  • “what will my 401(k) grow to when I am ready to retire?”

I can help!

Finally Learn is a place you can learn financial skills that you can use!

Thanks for visiting Finally Learn.

Dr. Jeff Mankin