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Current Ratio Calculator

current ratio calculator

The following current ratio calculator will compute and display the current ratio in the proper format.

Current Ratio Formula and Examples

current ratio

The current ratio estimates an entity’s ability to pay its short-term debts. The current ratio formula is current assets divided by current liabilities. A current ratio of 1.5 to 2.0 is good, and a current ratio less than 1.0 is poor.

Financial Functions in Excel

excel financial functions

Excel has 55 financial functions to solve financial problems. Excellent financial analysis requires using many financial functions in Excel. These functions use time value of money calculations to solve many financial problems.

Liquidity Ratios

Liquidity ratios show the ability of a company to pay its short-term debts. The liquidity ratios include the current ratio, quick ratio, and cash ratio. Liquidity ratios compare current assets and current liabilities to determine a company’s ability to pay its short-term debt. What is liquidity? Liquidity is a financial concept about an asset’s “nearness …

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The Best Financial Calculator

best financial calculator

When performing financial calculations, a spreadsheet app like Excel is usually the best tool. A spreadsheet is a powerful tool. But sometimes you do need a calculator instead of a computer. There are many models that you could use. So, how do you choose?

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