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When performing financial calculations, a spreadsheet program like Excel is usually the best tool. A spreadsheet is a powerful tool. But sometimes you do need a calculator instead of a computer. There are many models that you could use. So, how do you choose?

The best financial calculator for finance and accounting is the Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professional.

The Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professional (Amazon link) is full-featured for many financial functions including time value of money (TVM), internal rate of return (IRR), and modified internal rate of return (MIRR). It is a great calculator for business professionals and students.

Financial Calculator for Accounting and Finance Students

I use the TI BA II Plus Professional every day. It is an excellent calculator for:

  • accounting students
  • finance students
  • business students
  • MBA students

Financial Calculator for Accountants and Analysts

The TI BA II Plus Professional is the best financial calculator for:

  • accountants
  • auditors
  • bankers
  • financial analysts
  • data analysts

BA II Plus for CFA and CFP Exams

The BA II Plus is approved for the following professional exams:

BA II Plus Tutorial

Here is our tutorial on using the TI BA II Plus.

BA II Plus vs BA II Plus Professional

There are two BA II Plus models. The Professional model is the upgraded version of the TI BA II Plus (Amazon link). I recommend the BA II Plus Professional (Amazon link) model over the base model. It is better built and has more financial functions than the basic model. The cost of the Professional model is only slightly higher so it is a much better value.

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