Text Functions in Excel

excel text functions

Excel text functions add, extract, and edit text. Excel has over 30 text functions to edit, format, and clean data. It is so much more than number crunching.

Financial Functions in Excel

excel financial functions

Excel has 55 financial functions to solve financial problems. Excellent financial analysis requires using many financial functions in Excel. These functions use time value of money calculations to solve many financial problems.

Get Geography Data In Excel

geography data excel

Excel can retrieve geography data based on a city, ZIP code, state, or country. This is the fastest way to get any geography data into Excel.

Excel Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

Using Excel efficiently is an important skill. This guide will show the basics of using Excel shortcuts. Using Excel shortcuts is faster than a mouse.

Data Analysis in Excel

Using Excel is a great way to start data analysis. Excel can handle large data sets with tools like pivot tables, pivot charts, and regression analysis. Excel Add-ins – Data Analysis There are two buttons that can be added to the Data tab by using the Add-ins option. These buttons are Data Analysis and Solver.  Note: these buttons …

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