Financial Accounting Sample Exam 1

financial accounting sample exam 1

This article shows financial accounting sample exam 1. This first exam in financial accounting shows how to prepare journal entries and financial statements.

Introductory accounting is usually one of the first courses that business majors take. The course titles are usually either principles of accounting I & II or financial and managerial accounting.

  • principles of accounting 1 is also called financial accounting
  • principles of accounting 2 is also called managerial accounting

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Financial accounting sample exam 1

Financial accounting exam 1 covers the first two chapters in financial accounting:

Here is the sample exam 1 for financial accounting or principles of accounting 1.

Here is the sample exam 1 pdf file.

Accounting sample exam 1 solutions

Here is the sample exam 1 solutions file.

Financial accounting sample exam 1 tutorials

For all the videos for sample exam 1, see Financial Accounting Sample Exam 1 playlist.

Here is the tutorial for sample exam 1 showing terms and accounting equation problems:

The second video shows how to prepare journal entries.

The third video shows how to prepare financial statements based on a trial balance.

Accounting Chapters

Here are the accounting chapters in The Ultimate Guide to Learn Accounting:

  1. Introduction to Accounting
  2. Recording Business Transactions
  3. Adjusting Entries and the Accounting Cycle
  4. Accounting for Merchandising Activities
  5. Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold
  6. Cash and Internal Control
  7. Accounting for Receivables
  8. Accounting for Long-Term Assets
  9. Accounting for Current Liabilities
  10. Accounting for Long-Term Liabilities
  11. Corporations
  12. Statement of Cash Flows
  13. Financial Statement Analysis
  14. Managerial Accounting
  15. Job Order Costing
  16. Process Costing
  17. Activity Based Costing
  18. Cost Volume Profit Analysis
  19. Variable Costing
  20. Master Budgets
  21. Standard Costing
  22. Performance Measurement
  23. Relevant Costing
  24. Capital Budgeting
  25. Time Value of Money

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