What are the Keyboard Symbols Names?

keyboard symbol names

A computer has more keyboard symbols than just letters and numbers. Sometimes you need to know a slash, backslash, backtick, tilde, or caret.

These keyboard symbols also include punctuation and other typographical marks. This guide shows the name of every computer keyboard symbol.

U.S. keyboard symbols

Here is the typical U.S. keyboard on a Windows computer. Windows adds a Windows Key (Win Key) and a Menu key on the bottom row.

US keyboard layout
U.S. keyboard layout

A Mac keyboard adds a Command ⌘ key near the Control and Option keys on the bottom row.

Keyboard symbols names

Here is a list of all keyboard symbols and their names.

Keyboard SymbolsName
`grave, grave accent, backtick, back quote
!exclamation, exclamation point, bang
@at, at sign, at symbol
#pound, pound sign, hash, hashtag,
number sign, octothorpe
$dollar sign, currency sign
%percent, percent sign, parts per 100
^carat, hat, circumflex, exponent
&and, ampersand
(open bracket, open parenthesis,
left parenthesis
)close bracket, close parenthesis,
right parenthesis
( )parentheses, brackets, round brackets
hyphen, minus, minus sign, dash
=equals, equal sign
+addition, plus sign
[ ]brackets, square brackets
[open bracket
]close bracket
{ }braces, curly brackets
{open brace
}close brace
\backslash, backward slash,
reverse solidus
/slash, forward slash, solidus
|vertical pipe, pipe
apostrophe, prime, single quote
quotation mark, double quotes
.period, decimal, dot
<>angle brackets
<less than
>greater than
?question mark
Keyboard symbol names

Symbols on a Windows Keyboard

There are several modifier keys for both Mac and Windows. These keys perform special functions such as copy, paste, save, and print.

The Windows key was introduced in 1994. It is also called the start key on Windows keyboards.

Alt or OptionAlt
Caps LockCaps Lock
Enter, ReturnEnter
WindowsWindows, Win,
Start, Super key
Symbols on a Windows Keyboard

Symbols on a Mac Keyboard

The command key or ⌘ symbol on the Mac was first introduced in 1980. It allows many shortcuts on the Mac. The control key, or Ctrl, has a similar function in Windows.

Alt or Option
Caps LockCaps Lock
Command⌘, cmd
Enter, Return
Symbols on a Mac Keyboard

One popular use of the modifier keys is in Excel spreadsheets. See the Excel Shortcuts for Windows and Mac.

Special Symbols Using Keyboard Shortcuts

There are special symbols that use keyboard shortcuts. Some symbols are for currency, editing, math, or other functions.

Symbols using Windows shortcuts

This table shows the special symbol names and how to produce them with Windows shortcuts.

£pound, pound sterlingAlt + 0163
$dollar or currencyShift + 4
¢centAlt + 0162
euroAlt + Ctrl + E
¥Japanese yen,
Chinese yuan
Alt + 0165
§section, silcrowAlt + 0167
paragraph, pilcrowAlt + 0182
trademarkAlt + 0153
©copyrightAlt + 0169
®registered trademarkAlt + 0174
bulletAlt + 0149
ºdegreeAlt + 0176
±plus or minusAlt + 177
not equal sign, inequalityAlt + 8800
approximatelyAlt + 247
upper case sigma,
Alt + 931
πlower case piAlt + 960
upper case piAlt + 227
square root, radicalAlt + 251
%percent, parts per 100Shift + 5
per mille, parts per 1000Alt + 0137
÷divisionAlt + 247
less than or equal toAlt + 243
greater than or equal toAlt + 8805
dagger, crossAlt + 0134
double dagger,
double cross
Alt + 0135
ellipsisAlt + 0133
en dashAlt + 0150
em dashAlt + 0151
upper case delta,
Alt + 30
Ωupper case omegaAlt + 234
µlower case mu,
mean, micro
Alt + 230
Symbols using Windows shortcuts

For more keyboard shortcuts, see the Keyboard Symbols Shortcuts Cheatsheet.

Symbols using Mac shortcuts

This table shows the special symbol names and how to produce them with Mac shortcuts.

SymbolNameMac Shortcut
£pound, pound sterlingOption + 3 (US)
Shift + 3 (UK)
$dollar or currencyShift + 4
¢centOption + 4
euroOption + Shift + 2 (US)
Option + 2 (UK)
¥Japanese yen,
Chinese yuan
Option + y
infinityOption + 5
§section, silcrowOption + 6
paragraph, pilcrowOption + 7
trademarkOption + 2
©copyrightOption + g
®registered trademarkOption + r
bulletOption + 8
ºdegreeOption + Shift +8
±plus or minusOption + Shift + =
not equal sign,
Option + =
approximatelyOption + x
upper case sigma,
Option + w
πlower case piOption + p
upper case piOption + Shift + p
square root, radicalOption + v
%percent, parts per 100Shift + 5
per mille, parts per 1000Option + Shift + r
÷divisionOption + /
less than or equal toOption + ,
greater than or equal toOption + .
dagger, crossOption + t
double dagger,
double cross
Option + Shift + 7
ellipsisOption + ;
en dashOption + –
em dashOption + Shift + –
upper case delta,
Option + j
Ωupper case omegaOption + z
µlower case mu,
mean, micro
Option + m
Symbols using Mac shortcuts

For more keyboard shortcuts, see the Keyboard Symbols Shortcuts Cheatsheet.

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