The Ultimate Guide to Learn Managerial Accounting

This is a guide for students learning managerial accounting. It is organized by chapters in a managerial accounting class. This also is helpful for entrepreneurs that want to have a better understanding of their business.

This guide is organized by topics that relate to chapters in an introductory managerial accounting textbook. It covers topics in managerial accounting, principles of accounting 2, and cost accounting.

Financial accounting topics are on a separate page. See The Ultimate Guide to Learn Financial Accounting.

1 Cash Flows

2 Financial Statement Analysis

3 Introduction to Managerial Accounting

4 Job Costing

5 Process Costing

Process Costing

6 Activity-Based Costing

7 Cost-Volume-Profit and Cost Behavior

8 Variable Costing

9 Master Budgets

10 Flexible Budgets and Standard Costing

Standard prices times standard units equals standard costs. If the actual costs are above the standard, the variance is unfavorable. If the actual costs are less than the standard, the variance is favorable.

11 Responsibility Accounting

This video shows return on investment (ROI) and payback period to evaluate a company’s performance.

12 Relevant Costing

13 Capital Budgeting

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